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The wines are not just about the juice in the bottle. They are the story of the House of Mandela and the story of the rainbow nation of South Africa. Lineage and maintaining our legacy plays an important part of our story, and incorporating wine into the House of Mandela is our way of claiming who we are, where we come from and belong. It is a way of paying homage not only to our father and grandfather, but also honoring our ancestors.

King Vusani


VUSANI was the name of our ancestor King Ngubengcuka colloquially meaning “let the Thembu nation rise” – through strong family values – discipline, courage, love, and a sense of community. It is these strong-held traditions that have led us to create a brand of wines that embody such important values. They are best appreciated when people come together to share stories and learn lessons from those who have traveled the road of life before them.



The evocative isiXhosa word meaning ‘rest’, is also the name of Evelyn and Nelson Mandela’s fourth and last-born child. On giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, Evelyn declared: “now I can rest…”



Our wines find their inspiration in the Thembu Clan – noble, respected, trusted. People with a deep appreciation of nature and their land. These attributes, alongside a tradition of warmth and conviviality, are embodied in our delightfully accessible Thembu Collection – an inspired choice.


Shop The House of Mandela Wines at D’ARIA


The House of Mandela wines that were produced at D’Aria are best appreciated when shared with others, as these wines were inspired by strong family values and a sense of community.

Shop the selection of wines at The House Of Mandela Lifestyle Store, Shop 405, Legacy Corner, Sandton City. Alternatively, you can order online, from D’Aria  (link below)

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